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Single Point Mooring

Lankhorst Offshore is a leading supplier of Single Point Mooring (SPM) systems, setting the standard for quality, reliability and performance for offtake systems. Designed to withstand a wide range of offloading environments typical of both oil terminals and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels, Lankhorst SPM systems are used worldwide.

All SPM systems are bespoke packages incorporating mooring hawsers, pick-up and messenger ropes, and chafe chains. Together with support buoys, shackles and associated fittings and ancillary equipment. Lankhorst Offshore SPM hawsers and ancillary equipment meet or exceed the latest OCIMF Guidelines for such systems, namely the OCIMF 2000 “Guidelines for the Purchasing & Testing of SPM Hawsers” and OCIMF 2018 “Guidelines for Offshore Tanker Operations”.


Lankhorst Offshore mooring hawser constructions are optimised for not only strength but also energy absorption and fatigue performance. We can assist
operators to maximise hawser service life and reduce cost-of-ownership by conducting residual strength testing of used / retired mooring hawsers to better
understand hawser behaviour and performance in specific field operations. In this way, terminal operators are better equipped to determine the appropriate hawser for the mooring system and hawser retirement criteria.


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Why Lankhorst offshore?

A comprehensive designed package is offered, tailored to suit individual location requirements and water temperatures, concentrated on operational performance, reliability, safety and ontime delivery.
We can supply a full range of products manufactured and supplied in strict accordance with the OCIMF 2000 “Guidelines for the Purchasing and Testing of SPM Hawsers” and OCIMF 2018 “Guidelines for Offshore Tanker Operations”. Our technical department is committed to ongoing testing, development and optimisation of rope designs.
Our sales engineering support team provides invaluable technical support to all our customers with recommendations given at first hand to ensure the most cost effective solutions to in-service problems. The latest Computer Aided Design and DeskTop Publishing technology allow us to produce “As Built” drawings, and fully documented manuals for any mooring system. In addition to a fully equipped chemical laboratory for forensic analyses, we have direct access to in-house computer controlled testing equipment to evaluate, reverse bend, elongation, abrasion, tensile loading of yarn and fibre ropes with a load capacity up to 1,200 tonnes.
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Equipment selection

Mooring hawsers
When selecting hawsers, terminal operators should take into account not only strength but also energy absorption and fatigue performance. Detailed information can be found in the OCIMF 2000 ‘Guidelines for the Purchasing and Testing of SPM Hawsers’.

Chafe chains
Each mooring hawser should terminate at its shipboard end with a chafe chain. 

Weak links
Weak links, if fitted, should be selected such that the recommended bow chain stopper, chafe chain, hawser or connection to the SPM do not constitute the weakest yield strength of MBL component of the entire system. 

Support buoys
When the berth is unoccupied, each chafe chain may be supported by flotation devices: a swivel ended type support buoy or a type chain support buoy.

Pick-up / messenger rope
The pick-up rope is connected to the ship end of the chafe chain and typically consists of 150 metres of floating rope (generally polypropylene based) complete with an eye at each end. 

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