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Deepwater Mooring

Deepwater moorings are different from other offshore rope applications. They are long term applications, typically 30 years, and under constant load. Unlike wire and chain mooring systems at shallower depths that rely on the weight of the mooring lines to hold the surface production unit on station, polyester rope taut leg mooring systems use the elasticity of the rope to provide the restoring force needed. Lankhorst Cabral 512® polyester rope is preferred by naval architects looking for a ‘softer’ mooring where the platform motions are more compliant and riser friendly.

Lankhorst Offshore has supplied over 1,000,000 meters of deepwater mooring ropes for some of the world’s most demanding projects, including the Cascade & Chinook FPSO for APL/BW Offshore, Goliat FPSO for Eni Norge, Aasta Hansteen spar for HHITechnip and Appomattox semi-submersible for Shell, as well as, the majority of projects for Petrobras in Brazil.


With each project, Lankhorst has developed manufacturing and rope technology innovations which have shaped the deepwater mooring industry. For Chevron’s Tahiti spar moored at 1,219 m water depth in the GoM in 2008, Lankhorst introduced the industry’s first Length Measurement System (LMS) for deepwater ropes with both practical and financial benefits. Accurate rope length allowed over $1.5M in top chain savings.

For deepwater moorings in the Norwegian Continental Shelf and North Sea, Lankhorst led the introduction of pre-laying mooring ropes during brief weather windows in the prevailing weather conditions. In this way, mooring lines are laid months ahead of the platform arriving on station and can be connected more quickly. The ropes feature an innovative filter system preventing seabed
particles entering the rope leading to abrasion. Where there is a risk of damage to mooring lines from fishing trawlers, Lankhorst was the first company to develop a cut-resistant jacket designed to limit the external damage arising from trawler activities.


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Why lankhorst offshore?

Lankhorst Offshore’s equipment can, in theory, manufacture ropes of infinite length. Recent project trends demand two rope segments per reel thus reducing the quantity of shipment packages and associated offshore handling times. Lankhorst Offshore’s recent investment in a new reel take-up stand brings our capacity to handle package weights of up to 250 tonnes gross (rope and reel). Maximum length is a function of the maximum reel weight and the linear weight of the rope which is dictated by the required breaking load.
Ropes for deepwater tethers are manufactured under a machine tension of approximately 1 tonne back tension. Lankhorst Euronete Portugal has installed a unique Length Measuring System (LMS) for length measurement under a controlled tension. Length accuracy is achieved with a laser gun and mirror. The rope is marked at each 75m increment and the marks, numbered sequentially, are recorded by digital camera, thus minimizing the risk of human error.
Secure outside storage areas for finished product are available to clients at both our Portugal (LEP) and Brasil (LEB) facilities. At LEP there is 4,000m2 with further storage available at the nearby port of Viana do Castelo. At LEB there is 1,200m2 with an additional 42,000m2 at our transport carrier partner located 1.5km from our factory in the same industrial park.
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Rope solution for deepwater mooring

key projects

Lankhorst Offshore has manufactured and supplied over 1,000,000 metres of deepwater mooring ropes for major projects such as:

Lankhorst Euronete Portugal

  • Tahiti spar for Technip (operator: Chevron)
  • Thunder Hawk semi-submersible for SBM Atlantia (operator: Murphy)
  • Cascade & Chinook FPSO for APL/BW Offshore (operator: Petrobras Americas)
  • Lucius spar for Technip (operator: Anadarko)
  • Goliat FPSO for Eni Norge 1 & 2 (operator: Eni Norge)
  • Heidelberg spar for Technip (operator: Anadarko)
  • WIDP for Dana Petroleum (operator: Dana Petroleum)
  • Aasta Hansteen spar for HHI-Technip 3 (operator: Statoil)
  • Appomattox semi-submersible for Shell 4 (operator: Shell USA)
  • Liza Destiny for SBM (operator: Exxon)

Lankhorst Euronete Brasil

  • P58 for Petrobras (operator: Petrobras)
  • P62 for Petrobras (operator: Petrobras)
  • FPSO Cidade de Maricá for SBM (operator: Petrobras)
  • FPSO Cidade de Saquarema for SBM (operator: Petrobras)
  • FPSO Cidade de Itaguaí for SOFEC/MODEC (operator: Petrobras)
  • P74 for Petrobras (operator: Petrobras)
  • FPSO Pioneiro de Libra for Odebrecht/Teekay (operator: Petrobras)
  • Atlanta for Teekay Petrojarl (operator: Petrobras)
  • FPSO Cidade de Caraguatatuba for SOFEC/MODEC (operator: Petrobras)

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Note 1 - Polyester ropes manufactured for the Goliat FPSO set a world record for the highest Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) ropes ever produced and tested.

Note 2 – First polyester ropes manufactured with cut-resistant jacket with Dyneema® fibre.

Note 3 - Polyester ropes manufactured for the Aasta Hansteen spar incorporated the first double layer cut-resistant jacket with Dyneema® fibre.

Note 4 – 2 ropes per reel with gross weight of 130 tonnes.

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