Double braid 32/64
Double braid 32/64
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Double braid 32/64
Double Braid 32/64

Rope with an inner braid of hollow structure manufactured in a separate operation serves as the core, while a cover (outer braid) is braided over it in a second operation. The conventional construction has 32 strands on the inner core and 64 strands on the cover. It is also called 2 in 1 and Braidline.

Material: nylon

Construction: DOUBLE BRAIDED ropes are constructed by braiding a sheath over a braided hollow core. They have 32 core strands and 64 sheath strands with an equal number of left and right hand providing a perfectly torque free rope.

Cross section:

DOUBLE BRAID is acknowledged as the best rope construction to absorb the enormous dynamic forces generated at SPM’s. The weight of either the inner braid or the outer braid shall not exceed 55 % of the total weight of the rope as per ISO 10554.

Lankhorst DOUBLE BRAID hawser ropes have been fully prototype tested and are manufactured, inspected and supplied in accordance with the OCIMF 2000 “Guidelines for the Purchasing & Testing of SPM Hawsers”.

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