Gama98® with Dyneema®
Gama98® with Dyneema®
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Gama98® with Dyneema®Gama98® with Dyneema®
GAMA98® made with Dyneema®

GAMA98® made with Dyneema® is manufactured from high efficiency sub-ropes cores (strength member) laid parallel within an outer braided jacket (non-strength member). The sub-cores are high efficiency braided Dyneema® ropes. The external jacket is a 32-carrier twill polyester braid. This construction is torque balanced and is one of the strongest rope constructions currently available. The breaking load is the same whether the rope is wet or dry and considerably higher than nylon or polyester size for size. The characteristics of high strength, low weight, make this rope easy to handle with consequent reduction in operational costs. The polyester jacket confers to the rope an excellent resistance to abrasion.

  • Specific gravityvariable
  • UV-resistanceexcellent
  • Colourwhite
  • Abrasion resistanceexcellent
  • Marker Yarnred and green
  • Chemical resistanceacids = good, alkalis = moderate, oil/gas = very good
  • Water absorption0%
  • Melting pointapprox. 140 °C / 260 °C
  • Constructionparallel
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