Reusable reels boost sustainability and cut mooring costs


Another batch of Lankhorst Offshore returnable shipping rope reels/cradles has been returned to our Portugal production facility for re-use. Just one element in Lankhorst’s commitment to reducing the carbon-footprint, and total capex costs, for deepwater mooring. 

Lankhorst Offshore supplies deepwater tethers spooled onto shipping reels/cradles that are designed to meet project specific requirements. Reels and shipping cradles are typically designed to DNV GL Rules for Planning and Execution of Marine Operations and/or Noble Denton General Guidelines for Marine Transportations, as well as to customer and installation contractor specific requirements. 

The introduction of reusable reels is consistent with Lankhorst Offshore approach to mooring projects. “Standardisation is at the heart of our work with operators and mooring contractors. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce duplication of technical reviews and testing to achieve large project cost savings,” says Neil Schulz, Sales Director, Lankhorst Offshore. “Our ability to reduce the number of reels by loading longer lengths or multiple segments on each reel, and then reuse the reels enables significant savings for deepwater mooring projects.”

In Portugal, Cabral® 512 mooring ropes are manufactured at Lankhorst Offshore’s state-of-the-art offshore ropes production facility at Viana do Castelo. Positioned near the port of Viana do Castelo, the facility is well suited to produce heavy deepwater mooring ropes with minimum transportation requirements.

For more information on Deepwater Mooring ropes contact Neil Schulz, Sales Director, Lankhorst Offshore, email