Reach Deeper more competitively with LANKO®DEEP AHC


Demands for deepwater lifting and lowering systems have grown steadily to keep pace with the increasing capabilities of subsea processing systems. Maximising crane capacity is critical to ensuring equipment is deployed efficiently. This is where LANKO®DEEP AHC - the first rope designed specifically for deepwater deployment – allows operators to deploy equipment deeper more competitively.    

The weight of steel wire ropes makes traditional wire rope lifting/lowering systems both inefficient and impractical at water depths greater than 2,000m. At 3,000m, the lifting capacity is reduced by 50%; the other 50% is to support the weight of the steel wire.

LANKO®DEEP AHC fibre rope brings deepwater deployment projects within the reach of smaller, more cost-effective lifting systems and vessels.

LANKO®DEEP AHC fibre rope has been designed from the outset for deepwater lowering and recovery projects. Operationally the rope is easier to handle and allows engineers to lift and deploy the maximum load without the need to factor in the self-weight of steel wire.

Moreover, the LANKO®DEEP AHC rope yarn and rope construction are fully optimised for cyclic bending over sheave (CBOS) fatigue and load bearing characteristics, making it ideal for use in the deepwater deployment winch systems. In addition, the rope allows the efficient spooling of long lengths of fibre rope without the risk of rope cutting into lower spooled layers causing handling and abrasion issues that have, until now, limited the use of fibre rope in deepwater deployments.

Using LANKO®DEEP AHC enables offshore lifting contractors to take advantage of their crane’s full lifting capacity. At Lankhorst Offshore we offer technical support and testing facilities to assist companies looking for a competitive edge by using a fibre rope deployment system for offshore lifting projects,” says Sergio Leite, Sales Director, Lankhorst Offshore.

For more information, download the Lankhorst Offshore ‘Deepwater Deployment’ brochure, and email:

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