Quicker Deepwater Mooring Line Make-up


Lankhorst Offshore is in the final design stages of the development of a hold back sling designed to reduce the time needed for mooring line make-up. The device provides a secondary rope termination on a main polyester mooring line to aid the connection of two segments during installation offshore.

Deepwater mooring lines are made up of multiple rope segments. Connecting the lines offshore can be time consuming as the rope is man-handled into position. The hold back sling is permanently secured to the deepwater mooring rope and utilises a high performance rope to create loading eyes. These eyes can then be secured to a strongpoint or auxiliary winch to transfer the load of the mooring line. In this way it provides a quick and safe means of holding the tension in the mooring line whilst connections are being made to other components.

Lankhorst Offshore is committed to finding new ways of enhancing safety offshore through optimised solutions,” says Neil Schulz, Sales Director, Lankhorst Offshore. “The hold back sling is a small development that will make a big difference to mooring line installation safety offshore.”

For more information on Lankhorst Offshore and deepwater mooring, contact Neil Schulz, Sales Director, Deepwater Mooring, email: and visit


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