Lanko®loop – strength and simplicity offshore rope connection


Lanko®loop combines high strength with ease of connection to give offshore operators a rope connection without the need for a shackle or other hardware; feeding it through any smooth strongpoint will complete the connection within seconds.

Ease of handling and the ability to connect lines safely and quickly are vital in many offshore situations, especially in adverse weather conditions. Lanko®loop uses a simple knot and eye connection that can be repeatedly opened and closed as needed. Lanko®loop is an all-in-one connection, no additional gear is needed. Simplifying the connection to a single openable eye ensures a safer operation without compromising on the strength of the complete line configuration.

Simple and Strong Connection

The Lanko®loop can replace a conventional cow hitch, shackle or other hardware. Its simplicity allows many different connection configurations, as well as innovative approaches to mooring. Heading up the Lanko®loop development, Pedro de Jager, senior application engineer, Lankhorst Ropes, said, “The Lanko®loop greatly increases the opportunities for softline connections using fewer components, such as shackles. This has the added benefit that less items need certifying, and there are less points of inspection and possible failure.

No more heavy shackles

The Lanko®loop pennant is made from a twelve-strand HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) rope. It has an unmatched weight-to-strength ratio. Compared to a steel wire sling of the same length and capacity, it will match the breaking strength at only 15% of the weight. Typically, a 44mm Lanko®loop will have a breaking strength of 143,1Mt MBF.

Lanko®loop is a breakthrough in terms of safety and ease of connection offshore,” says Rui Faria, Senior Vice President Oil & Gas Synthetics, Lankhorst Offshore. “There are many situations where a softline rope connection is preferred which is quicker and easier to complete.”

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