Lankhorst Ropes’ Lanko®Deep is the vital connection for cable-driven driving simulator


Lankhorst Ropes has supplied real-time simulation and professional driving simulator solutions specialist, VI-grade, with Lanko®Deep ropes for its most advanced driving simulator system. The cable-driven simulator delivers a more realistic driving experience by allowing the ‘vehicle’ to move around, recreating the feeling of being on the road or racetrack.

Lankhorst Ropes and VI-grade began cooperating on the cable-driven driving simulator in 2016. Working closely with VI-grade’s engineering department, Lankhorst Ropes determined that the most suitable rope to control the simulator’s acceleration, velocity and direction was Lanko®Deep. Originally developed to extend the reach and capacity of deepwater lowering systems, Lanko®Deep’s Dyneema DM20 XBO synthetic filament is optimized for cyclic bending making it well suited to the stresses the ropes will be exposed as they move the simulator. 

Diego Minen, CTO at VI-grade, commented: “To design our cable-driven dynamic simulator we put together a diverse team made of mechanical, structural, cableway, marine, electrical and electronical engineers. The cable technology provided by Lankhorst Ropes has proven to be the ideal solution to fulfil our safety requirements, allowing at the same time to adapt the size and performance of our simulator to the specific requirements of each customer.

Innovation is at the heart of Lankhorst’s business. The combination of flexibility and strength make synthetic ropes ideally suited to a wide range of applications involving repetitive motion and significant forces. From mooring offshore wind farms to lifting the world’s largest structures and now driving simulators, Lankhorst synthetic ropes are changing the limits of what is possible in many disciplines,” said Rui Faria, managing director, Lankhorst Ropes. 


Lanko®Deep uses a 12-strand rope construction, where each of those is a 3-strand rope, reducing the tension required to bed-in the rope as well as producing a rope with low internal heating and abrasion, providing excellent service life performance. Made with a specially designed short splice, specifically developed for Lanko®Deep, the complete rope assembly is delivered pre-stretched and within very tight tolerances.

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