Lankhorst Raises Bar on Heavy Lift Sling Tolerances


Leading synthetic fibre slings supplier, Lankhorst Ropes, has raised the bar on the manufacture of heavy lift slings with consistent length tolerances of +/- 100mm over 10000mm for 450t working load limit (WLL) LankoForce HL slings used in four-point lifting scenarios.

Until now slings have been supplied in sets of two slings with the same tolerance. Lankhorst has achieved six matched slings significantly reducing the complexity of modelling four-point lifting scenarios with matched sling pairs.

Compliant with DNV-ST-N001, the LankoForce HL slings were used for a series of four-point lifts suspended beneath a lifting frame; and connected by shackles to the frame for lifts up to 1500 tonne. In service the slings performed well, allowing the customer to minimize set up time for rigging and enhance safety during installation of the lifting equipment.

We utilised the slings in four-point lift scenarios and due to the short slings, the lifts were quite sensitive to smaller deviations in sling length,” said a spokesperson. “The project was a success, and the riggers were in high praise of the synthetics as it made their workspace as safe as possible, with everything much easier to handle.”

LankoForce HL Slings

LankoForce HL slings are made from 12 strand Bio Based Dyneema SK78 braided rope, each with a workload limit lifting capacity of 450t. Eye-and-eye (E&E) and endless loop (grommet) slings made with Lankoforce HL slings have a minimum breaking load (MBL) of around 2,000 tonne in single leg configuration and 3,200 tonne in a grommet configuration.

LankoForce HL high performance fiber rope lifting slings are designed to increase the lifting options for offshore contractors. As strong as steel wire but significantly lighter and easier to handle, the slings are a safer and more efficient way of handling many offshore lifting projects,” says Marcel van der Molen, sales manager Heavy Lift, Lankhorst Ropes.

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