Lankhorst Offshore technology transfer initiative drives new offshore rope developments at OTC 2022


WireCo, booth no: 1906

Lankhorst Offshore at Holland Pavilion, booth no: 3315

Leading offshore rope manufacturer, Lankhorst Offshore, is announcing new developments in ropes for deepwater mooring, deepwater deployment, heavy lift and offshore wind projects at OTC 2022 on the WireCo booth 1906. Drawing on global manufacturing and research resources, Lankhorst Offshore is maximising technology transfer between the company’s diverse offshore markets to drive a new generation of rope solutions for offshore operators.

Heading the technology transfer initiative is new Lankhorst Ropes managing director, Rui Faria, formerly head of Lankhorst Offshore. “By leveraging Lankhorst Ropes’ experience across the many and diverse markets we operate in, we are finding new ways to drive innovation and so bring trusted and proven solutions to offshore energy companies and renewable energy markets at this year’s OTC.” 

Offshore Mooring Lines

Lankhorst has led the way in the development of offshore mooring lines for both deepwater and floating offshore energy. At OTC 2022, the company is announcing new developments in rope construction allowing deeper moorings with Cabral construction mooring lines, as well as providing greater cut resistant and damage protective proprieties. For the rapidly expanding offshore wind energy market, Lankhorst has significantly reduced production times for its Gama98 floating turbine mooring lines. First deployed on the WindFloat Atlantic Project, offshore Portugal, the mooring lines are the preferred choice for many leading floating wind and wave energy pilot projects.

Heavy Lift Slings

Fiber lifting slings allow offshore heavy lift contractors to maximize their crane lifting capabilities. Lankhorst continues to set the standard for length accuracy and reproducibility of heavy lift slings, allowing lifting contractors to safely use multiple slings for loads in excess of 1,000Te. Recently the company introduced LankoForce HL slings, made from Bio-Based Dyneema SK78. These DNVGL-OS-E303 certified ropes can be readily incorporated into a fully integrated offshore heavy lifting system. See the Lankhorst Offshore Heavy Lift Slings on Holland Pavilion, booth 3315.

Deepwater Deployment Systems

For deepwater deployment winch systems, Lankhorst Offshore offers an integrated approach to fiber rope deployment systems based on LankoDeep AHC rope yarn and rope construction optimized for cyclic bending over sheave (CBOS) fatigue and load bearing characteristics. Recently, the company has invested in a new CBOS test machine. Developed in-house, the machine will provide initial screening of new rope constructions and coatings ahead of full trials on a dedicated CBOS test rig.

Lankhorst Offshore

Lankhorst Offshore is part of Lankhorst Ropes, a global manufacturer of synthetic fiber ropes for the maritime and cruise industry, tugs and towing, heavy lift and offshore energy and renewables. It has manufacturing facilities in Portugal and Brazil, and central distribution and rope solution customization facilities in The Netherlands (close to Rotterdam). With stockpoints around the world, it is the supplier of choice for high performance ropes.

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