Lankhorst Euronete Brasil Celebrates 10th Anniversary


Lankhorst Euronete Brasil (LEB) has celebrated its 10th Anniversary as a leading supplier of ropes and slings to the South American offshore market. With over 1,100 km rope manufactured so far, the company has streamlined maritime rope and deepwater mooring line production while gearing up for new opportunities in heavy lift slings and floating offshore wind.

Last November, Rui Faria, Senior Vice President Oil & Gas Synthetics, Lankhorst Offshore led the celebrations with a barbecue prepared by the local management for the factory’s three production shifts on a beautiful sunny day at 38ºC. "Given the restrictions of the pandemic, it was not possible to hold a party with family and friends, so we came up with the idea of ​​doing something different but equally special to celebrate," says Alexandre Tomazi, Operations Director.

Acknowledging the technical demands and attention to detail needed for offshore rope manufacture, Twane de Souza, Logistics & Procurement Director commented, "We can say that today we have achieved structural stability, having more than 50% of our employees with us for more than 5 years. Talent retention is certainly one of the greatest challenges in our environment and this number indicates that we are on the right track."

Production operator, Deise, has been with LEB since 2015. “We have served the company all year, so it’s great that on this important occasion we were served by the company’s management team, showing we are all one team.

The past 10 years has been marked by investments in expanded production facilities including sub-rope strander and 12 strand braider, cover braider, take up reeler and associated lifting equipment, ensuring LEB is well placed to take advantage of opportunities in the heavy lift slings and offshore wind markets.

Rui Faria again, “Since its formation in 2010, LEB has successfully fulfilled its operational and financial objectives, and achieved a critical milestone with the doubling of the offshore deepwater mooring production in 2015. Taken together with Lankhorst Euronete Portugal, Lankhorst Offshore is now the number one supplier of deepwater mooring ropes in the world. Such results have been achieved thanks to an objective and focussed management team that has remained flexible in face of the particularities of an operation in Brazil.

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