Investment in CBOS deep sea handling rope test machine


Leading offshore ropes manufacturer, Lankhorst Offshore, has invested in a new CBOS (Cyclic Bend Over Sheave) test machine at its Maia R&D facility in Porto, Portugal. Designed for the initial screening of CBOS rope constructions, the test machine will streamline the development of new deep sea handling ropes for offshore operators.

Fibre rope performance on sheaves can be significantly better than that of steel wire ropes.

However, designing CBOS ropes for deep sea projects can be expensive and time consuming as engineering contractors seek to balance the competing demands of rope durability, weight of equipment being deployed and frequency of use.

The CBOS fibre rope test machine will allow us to work more closely with customers to ensure the rope is optimised to their requirements,” says Leandro Haach, Synthetics Innovation Director, Lankhorst Euronete Portugal. “To ensure rigorous rope construction screening, the CBOS machine can undertake break testing while the rope is on the sheave, and sequential testing cycles in different conditions.

In addition to CBOS rope development, the test machine will also be available to Lankhorst Offshore customers who wish to assess the condition of their CBOS ropes.

For more information on CBOS rope testing at Lankhorst Offshore, email

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