Fully Certified CBOS Sheave resistant splice for Deepwater deployment and recovery


The first, fully certified, fibre rope splice for CBOS (Cyclic Bend Over Sheave) use in deepwater deployment and recovery systems has been developed by Lankhorst Offshore. The sheave resistant splice will allow ropes to be lengthened or shortened as needed whilst still retaining the full lifting capacity across the complete rope length. The patented splice development eliminates a weakness that has until now limited the application of spliced fibre ropes in CBOS crane deepwater deployment and recovery systems.

End-to-End Rope Splice – Qualification Complete

In 2023, Lankhorst Offshore reported DNV Endorsement of Qualification Plan End-to-End rope splice for the LANKO®DEEP rope, the company has now completed certification under DNV Technology qualification management and verification DNV-SE-0160. Thereby demonstrating the viability of fibre rope-based, deepwater deployment and recovery projects using smaller vessel sizes when compared with larger vessels needed for steel wire rope.

LANKO®DEEP TR is the first crane rope that can be spliced while still retaining the holding capacity in use which is the same as for the unspliced and equally used rope. The technology qualification further extends the utility of LANKO®DEEP by allowing the

- joining together of a socket-and-tail termination and a long length of LANKO®DEEP TR crane rope, with a permissible nominal rope diameter difference between the joined ends for socket-and-tail terminations of up to 30%. Attaching a larger diameter tail end, the part expected to wear out the first, creates extra capacity at this part thus increasing the service life and reliability of the overall rope length.

- joining together of long lengths of LANKO®DEEP TR rope which includes the cutting of a used rope and splicing-in a length of new or used rope or extending the length of a new or used rope with another length of new or used rope. This allows the reach of the DRS system to be easily modified between projects, or re-spliced in the event of damage to the rope, a significant advantage over steel wire rope.

With the Technology Qualification of LANKO®DEEP TR, Lankhorst has set the standard for the operation of deepwater deployment and recovery systems,” says Sergio Leite, sales director, Lankhorst Offshore. “Designed to maximise deepwater crane performance while increasing uptime availability of the DRS, LANKO®DEEP TR allows rope length to be increased to reach the deepest waters in the world.”

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