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Lankofirst is a new type of fibre rope connector for deepwater moorings from Lankhorst Ropes Offshore Division, part of the Royal Lankhorst Euronette Group BV. The Lankofirst connector gives naval architects and installation contractors a fibre rope connector that is smaller, lighter, easier and quiker to make-up than traditional rope connectors.
The Lankofirst fibre rope connectors are available for fibre rope to fibre rope (R2R), and fibre rope to chain (R2C) connections. 
 Lankofirst Fibre Connectors are :
- Smaller, lighter, stronger and more efficient than current plate links and thimbles.
- Easier to make-up and the rope is slimmer and lighter for the same MBL.
- Safer and easier to assemble offshore, wheter vertically or horizontal and will save            hours on the vessel
- sub-connectors are spliced into the end of rope at the factory  ensuring the quallity of the splice
- Easier to run and retrieve across stern rollers and on anchor handling vessels
A j oint development of Lankhorst Ropes Offshore Divisions, First Subsea, a leading subsea mooring connector manufacturer and Offspring International deepwater mooring systems specialist, worldwide agent for Lankhorst Ropes Offshore Division, the Lankofirst fibre connectors (Patent applied) are designed and manufractured from the same materials, and the same high quality standard, as First  Subsea's mooring connectors.
Flexible Rope Connections
For maximum installation flexibility, the Lankofirst connector is available as three types of connection : 
  • Clam - fibre rope to fibre rope (R2R) and fibre rope to chain (R2C) : spliced rope enclosed within clam shell case.
  • Snap - fibre rope to fibre rope (R2R) : spliced ropes integrated with connectors during rope manufacture and simply snapped together offshore.
  • Link - fibre rope to fibre rope (R2R) : spliced ropes integrated with connectors (female clevis head and male padeye) during rope manufacture and pin connection offshore.                                                
                                                                    Lankofirst Clam
 MBL (tonnes)
 Diameter (mm)
 Length (mm)
 Weight (kg)
 800  740  750  1300  
 1350  880  830  2060  
 1750  960  890  2650  
 2100  1050  950  3540  
How the connector works
The Lankofirst rope-rope clam connector (illustrated below) works by taking the rope end splices made in the factory, incorporating the Lankofirst splice sub-connectors, and simply inserting them into the clam connector which is then bolted together to make the rope to rope mooring line connection.