About Us
Lankhorst Ropes is a member of the Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group. With more than 200 years of experience and 1,250 employees we are a worldwide innovative group with fully equipped production sites and R&D departments, located in The Netherlands, Portugal, Greece and Brasil, equipped for the production of a wide range of products in maritime and offshore ropes,technical yarns, fishing gear, Pure® composites, recycling and moulding material.
In July 2012, the Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group was acquired by WireCo WorldGroup, of Kansan City, Mo, USA. WireCo WorldGroup is the global leader in manufacturing, engineering, and distributing wire rope, wire rope assemblies, synthetic rope and electromechanical cable. With true global reach, WireCo WorldGroup can deliver the right products for your equipment and application no matter where your worksite might be.
Lankhorst is divided into three divisions: an Offshore Division which trades in the name of Lankhorst Euronete Portugal S.A. and operates from Maia and Viana do Castelo (Portugal), a  Maritime Division with sales offices in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Arab Emirates, Brasil and Australia,  and a Heavy Lifting Division. Lankhorst Ropes also trades steel wire ropes for offshore applications from WireCo WorldGroup manufacturing.
In order to support the business, Lankhorst  Ropes carries strategic stock in Houston (USA), New York (USA), Fujairah & Dubai (UAE), Cape Town & Durban (South Africa), Algeciras (Spain), Rotterdam (Holland), Panama and Singapore, and has local sales points in Bilbao (Spain), Brisbane/Perth (Australia) and Rio de Janeiro (Brasil).
Lankhorst Ropes continuously strives for improved product performance, customer satisfaction and product innovation. Lankhorst Ropes has been certified according to ISO 9001:2000
The new Lankhorst Ropes site of 6000 m2 is located in Viana do Castelo, Portugal and became operational in September 2012. It is the most modern factory in the world dedicated to production of ropes for the offshore industry. Positioned near the port of Viana do Castelo, the facility is well suited to produce heavy deepwater mooring ropes.
The factory is dedicated to the design, production and testing of
offshore mooring ropes and specialty products such as deep water
installation ropes. Modern production and testing equipment permits
all the following activities to be undertaken in-house:-
• Extrusion of rope yarns
• Conversion (twisting) of flat yarn into rope yarn
• Stranding of rope yarns into strands
• Braiding or twisting of strands into sub-ropes
• Closing (over braiding) of sub-ropes into mooring ropes
• Length Measurement System (LMS) under tension <16 tonnes
• Length marking under tension in 75 m increments
• Axial (anti-twist) line marking
• Full scale proto-type testing
• Break strength testing <1200 tonnes
• Tension-tension fatigue testing
• Stiffness and elongation testing
• Simulation of installation and “What If” scenarios.
• Cut resistant jacket testing.
The company entered the Deep Water Tether market in 1998. With
the recent addition of a new Herzog SE 1/12-2000 subrope braiding
machine, all plant and equipment used is the latest generation state
of the art machinery.
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